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Dana, Ben, Kim....

I know this is short notice. I only saw an ad a few minutes ago and here it is 5am.

There's a new Cirque show going on in Atlanta.

It's only going on for a month. Unfortunately, that month is half over with...March 25 to April 25.

If you want to check dates and times and stuff....just go here:

If there is any way possible that we can all go, I'd like to pull this off. I know it's short notice, I know it's hard enough to get us all together just for a dinner, and I know we're trying to work on getting to the Titanic exhibit in Birmingham, but if we can somehow manage to get to this show before it closes, it would be well worth it.

Just as a side, it was a year ago this weekend (the 5th actually), that Kim, Dave, and I went to Atlanta for Varekai.
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