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Note: this all seemed to spill out as just random's a little messy, sorry.

When you see a movie, you should update about it, right. Especially when you see it before the general public.

If the movie were any good, maybe I'd be more enthusiastic about posting, but so far it looks like I've got two poopers in the can now.

However, I said this would make up for Dawn Of The Dead and it did. But not by much.

First off: If, because of this film, you are just delving into the world of Hellboy in print...then do yourself a favor and read like a madman. It's a good book, with good stories.

Secondly: If you see this film first and then decide not to read the books because of the film....yer gonna miss out.

The film's okay. Dawn Of The Dead had something to compare it to, whereas this does not. It stands on its own as is, and does a pretty good job of keeping me entertained. I saw potential though....the first 30-45 minutes felt like they flew by and I was loving it. Then it kinda slowed. And slowed some more. And then a little more.

I don't really dig on the whole monsters thing. I mean, I'd love seeing this big red truck fighting crime, but the film's way stays true to the books, and it should.

Man, that picture of the military guys all together with Lil' Hellboy....straight from the comics man...that rocked.

It was great to see such an obscure little title find it's way to a live action film.

I hope people like this film. Cause I wanted to. I just....I dunno....I just couldn't. I hate that. And I almost want to apologize for not liking it. But as I wrote once before, stick with your opinion of a film, and if it changes, so be it...but don't go making excuses for a film you think is bad.

I'd be curious to know what you think when you see the film.
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