AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

*Smirking Laugh*

Wanna see what Burnout 4 could possibly look like on next gen systems?

Of Course You Do

That is a demo of something Microsoft calls "XNA".

XNA is a next-generation software platform that integrates many technological innovations. With XNA, developers will have an easier time developing for PC, Xbox, and Windows Mobile devices. Pretty soon every game developed for Microsoft will be through XNA.

Already signed up as XNA partners are Epic, Valve, Factor 5, Havok ,Crytek, and Criterion.

(Criterion, of course, are the developers of the "Burnout" series.)

The key to XNA is that developers and consumers will have a more unified experience. For developers, one set of tools is all they'll need. For consumers, they'll have a unified online experience on PC (similar to how Xbox Live is for console gamers) and standard controller for all platforms. The program potentially removed many of the technological hurdles of game development. As it stands now, 80% of development is in the construction, while only 20% is creation. With XNA, you can reverse those percentages.

There is another benefit for consumers as well....the less developers have to worry about tech, the more time they'll have to focus on the aspects that dazzle us all. In short, much better games released a whole lot faster.
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