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Rant Rant Blah Blah

I wanted to somewhat elaborate on this post.

It's something that has been on my mind since I saw that film and a few others. In fact, it's something that has always nagged on me.

When everyone else likes something....why can't you like it?

Fuck, I hope this all makes sense in the end. Take "Lost In Translation"....a lot of people seem to have really liked that film. Hell, it won a good amount of awards...and really, I can't think of time I haven't liked Bill Murray in a film. Maybe the film itself (say a certain movie he did with an elephant), but still...I love seeing Bill. I admire the man and honestly look up to him. I have no clue why, I don't wish to follow in his footsteps or anything, I just have a great admiration for him. And man, it was hard watching "Lost In Translation".

I sometimes blame my feelings on a film on my mood at the time...being sleepy or just having a shit ass day or something, but that isn't it. I watch too many films and have too great a respect for that industry just to blow off my feelings onto something else.

Bill's a good guy, and regardless of my feelings of that film, I wanted so badly for him to win the Academy Award for his work. He's an amazing actor and unfortunately, the academy doesn't seem to give two shits on the comedy end of things.

But back to my whole point here. When I was done watching the film, I felt jipped. It felt like a waste of 2 hours. And I tried to think that maybe I slept through some of it...just so I could, you know, pass it off as being sleepy or whatever.

Awake the whole time. Unfortunately. I got nothing from that film and a lot of people who's opinions I share on films frequently, just didn't match. They loved where I hated. I know I wasn't the only one, but I kept trying to figure out what the hell it was I kept missing.

"Dawn Of The Dead"...apparently a lot of people liked that film. And again, I came way feeling jipped. And I wonder now what it was I missed while watching that movie. Everyone seems to have liked it, but not me. I know there are others who share my opinion, but we seem to be the minority and both of us seem to wonder what the hell we missed.

There's other films that are like this as well and it really bugs me what others find in these films that I miss....and often times I wonder if I am just becoming, as Pat put it in his post, a simpleton. Hollywood's target audience....the everyman.

This is all build up though to get to my conclusion and that is: Fuck It All.

Exactly. Fuck every single bit of it. Cause it doesn't mean shit what anyone else thinks of a film (or anything else for that matter), you've got to own up to you. And if you don't like a film, stick with that opinion. Don't fake yourself into thinking it's good or thinking it's so good it's over your head and you missed the reason why. Man, fuck that.

I didn't like "Dawn Of The Dead". They had potential, they just decided to let MTV take over with it. Not impressed.

I didn't like "Lost In Translation". It's a movie, yeah. And hell, it's got Bill Fuckin' Murray in it. But that's about all it's got for me. If my brain's too small to catch the point of that film, then so be it.

I didn't like "Daredevil", not that a lot of people did or anything, but it annoyed the hell out of me to see people talking about how good it was. And you know the only thing that was holding me up from really enjoying the film.......the jumps. This man without fear could damn near fly with his jumps. That ain't right. And as a comic geek, I'll stick to my guns on this one. Some of the wire work in that was shit as well.

These are just some examples. I mean, you can look at it from the opposite end of the spectrum...such as is the case with me for "Hulk".

Man, I loved that movie. I still love it and I still stick by it too. Cept for maybe the last few minutes when the fight between father and son just seemed to be a guy jerking off to what he could do with his new computer. But still...I liked the film. And a lot of people didn't. A lot of people. Now, did I try to find the flaws they saw so I could not like it as well? Not a bit. I just kept going about loving this film.

So there's my point, I guess. Don't change what you feel about something because other people feel differently. Even if it is a person whom you have always had the same opinions with. It isn't supposed to work that way. If you like it, then love it, and if not, don't worry. Doesn't mean you are changing as a person. Doesn't mean you are becoming dumb or a simpleton. You are just having an individual opinion. And you can back up those opinions with valid reasons and examples, but really, you don't have to. I mean, I can't put my finger on what it was I didn't like about "Lost In Translation", but I know how I felt about it...and I just didn't like it. That's all the reason and example I need.

But man, if you didn't like "The Goonies", yer just a damn nazi.
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