AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

Man's Best Friend - My Best Friend

I think my dog Charley is somewhere in the neighborhood of 17...maybe 18 years old. He's my best friend. I mean, hell, should I ever get married in his lifetime he'll be right there beside me at the alter. Words haven't been made yet that can describe what he means to me and how much of a companion he actually is.

Yesterday afternoon was pretty bad for me. Odd how you can injure yourself by actually doing nothing...and if there is ever a way to find out how, then i guess I'm gonna do it. I went to answer the phone here in the studio and it hurt like hell...nearly took me to the floor. Something in my neck and shoulder on my right side. It didn't get any better that night. I rubbed some stuff on it before I went to bed and it helped a bit, but not enough to get any sleep out of it. Sucked much ass. I woke up this morning hurting like hell and I looked down on the floor at the foot of my bed and Charley wasn't there.

Usually he's the one waking me up in the morning so he can got outside. So I looked through the house and found him on the floor in the main room just laying there. I kinda flashed back to when I found my father the same way, and oddly enough, I did the same thing: I called at him a few times and walked over as he was waking up. He wasn't much for moving. he kinda looked at me as I was walking to get my morning OJ and he layed back down. I went back to him and tried my best to sit down next to him...the neck pain makes it hell to lay down on the floor and get up as well. He stayed there, just kinda looking around with his eyes and not moving. I checked his hind legs and moved them a bit to see if they were hurting. Seemed fine. He was laying on his left side so i was able to move his right front leg around a bit and that's hwere it hurt. He let out a whimper as I moved it around.

Well, I now knew where the problem was. Charley, with a lot of struggle, finally made it to his feet. I thought if he could walk around he might be okay. There's been times when he's slept on a leg and he limps a bit because of it but usually when he gets the blood flowing back again it'll be fine. Wasn't the case this time so I took him to the vet.

I called them not long ago to see how he was and basically, his body is just catching up with his age. They gave him a shot to help with the pain and some medication as well that I will have to give him now to help with it all. Thing is, because of work, I can't get by there to pick him up.

I'm gonna miss him tonight.

I miss him already.
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