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Sorry for the long time in between posts. However I have been keeping up to date with posts on dvd_news_today

Things are changing at work. Kinda. We've been bought out. All 4 stations have been sold for 15.3 million. None of us are really too sure if we're going to be keeping our jobs or not. I mean, they say none of us have anything to worry about, but that's just the textbook way to go about it, ya know?

One of the things that seperated us from the rest of the pack in our market was that we weren't owned by a big corperation. We were locally owned and operated. This company that bought us is pretty small, though, so I guess we're still not owned by the big boys yet, which is always good. This company hasn't been in broadcasting for awhile. They used to have stations many years back but sold them all to Clear Channel. So, they are trying to get back into it and we were their first purchase. The company is based out of Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

They plan to push us onto the public with advertising the likes of which we have never seen here before. They also plan on staffing the place. Lots....and I mean lots of positions are becoming available...and not because anyone is losing their job, but because they are doing this the right way.

We're way understaffed so a lot of us around here wear multiple, all that is going to stop.

As for me and my job, I don't know what's going to happen. A number of things I suppose. They could keep me on-air, they could move me to another station or something off-air entirely...I don't know. Hell, they could just let me go as well. Don't really know.

One thing I do know....there's a lot of opportunity here right now.
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