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Real Quick: Burnout 3 News

If any of you have a PS2, Gamecube or Xbox, you should definately give the Burnout series a try. I'd start with the sequel. That game is an ass clincher like no other. After a few hours of play you wouldn't be able to slide a credit card through my crack.

So anyway, Acclaim was the publisher of the series, but Electronic Arts (EA) bought the publishing rights. Which is all well and good, except for one thing. EA has some type of deal with Sony so that the PS2 gets all of the EA titles to take advantage of their online support. So, XBox users are out of luck, and honestly, I go Xbox on this game since it looks so damn good on the box.

Well, enough of details were released today along with some screenshots as well. Here's the details:

EA confirms that it will publish Criterion Games' arcade racing sequel for PS2 and Xbox later this year.

Electronic Arts and UK-based Criterion Games today confirmed that they have entered into a development and publishing partnership for Burnout 3. PlayStation 2 and Xbox versions of the arcade racing sequel are currently scheduled for worldwide release in September this year, although the GameCube version also rumored to be in development last month has not been confirmed.

"Burnout is already a hit arcade racing franchise and we are delighted to be working closely with Criterion to take the series to the next level in order to achieve the level of success that the series has always deserved," said Bruce McMillan, executive vice president, EA Worldwide Studios. "With its action-oriented game design and remarkable production values, we believe that Burnout is a perfect fit for our racing game portfolio."

Burnout 3 promises to be the most action-packed entry in the series to date, rewarding players not only for driving dangerously but also for using their car as a weapon with which to eliminate opponents via slam, shunt, and takedown maneuvers. Street circuits in the game will be set in North America, Europe, and the Far East, each with plenty of opportunities to gain bonuses by racing towards oncoming traffic.

Single-player gameplay modes in Burnout 3 will include both race and crash championships, as well as other options that are not being announced at this time. Single-player races in the game will be against five opponents rather than three as in previous Burnout titles, and the new "Hollywood-style" stunt crashes promise to be the most spectacular seen to date.

Exclusive to the PS2 version of Burnout 3 will be online gameplay modes for up to six players. Specific online gameplay modes have not been announced at this time, but we're told that both single races and crash modes will be available.

"Working closely with EA's European Studio on the development of Burnout 3 is exciting for Criterion and the Burnout series. We are thrilled that the game will benefit from EA's development and publishing expertise that ensures a worldwide audience will be able to enjoy this phenomenal game," said Fiona Sperry, studio head, Criterion Software. "We are confident that through this partnership, this fantastic game will be made even better."

Man, those last three just give me a big hard on. Car crashes to me, are like a ballet. Simulated ones anyway...those you see in movies and video games. Sometimes I'll just drift off in my head whenever I am driving over a bridge or something thinking of how to make a spectacular car wreck and how to make it flow like poetry. One of the reasons I love the game "Driver". There's an option in it to let you direct your own replays and set up camera angles and everything. really cool stuff.
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