AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

At the end, the boat still sinks.

Well, for having my computer back and working again I really haven't done much with it as you can see. I think that tonight I'll start on the next in the "Seven Wonders" series.

I broke through level eight in Zuma the other night. Slowly working my way towards the Dana and her max level of 9-6 or something.

Everybody came over last night, sick as I was, they put up with it. We played a few games, but not much...time I suppose wasn't on our side much. I hadn't done anything all weekend due to feeling like shit, however yesterday and today...I sound a lot worse than I actually am. I'm feeling fine, but still sound awful.

All the wheels are in motion with this whole credit card stuff. Papers filed and authorities contacted. Whatever we can do to get the money back that was pretty much stolen. I mean, they didn't have the card, but they used it as though they did so it's still credit card fraud and it's still a least that's what I was told by the credit card company.

Eventually, sometime this week, I have to go to the grocery store, and try and get my newsletter back up and running now that the computer at home works again. And sometime between now and April, the five of us are also going to try and make it to Birmingham to see this. And check out the IMAX film that goes along with it as well.
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