AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

Here Comes The Sun :::Part XII:::

This was written before the rumours of the company I work for being bought out. And before I was dumped...but that was probably obvious. It's weird to look back after such a short time and see how foolish I was. And I probably still am.

Sunday, February 24, 2002

Been close to a month since I have sat down and written anything of any significance....but of course, I suppose something significant should be going on in my life to warrent such an action. So much can happen in a month's time that it's really quite amazing. I mean, for myself, the changes occur over time and you only realize how much has happened when you look back on it all, especially when you document almost everything that goes on in your life, like I do.

As for these changes, well, for starters Andy is now back at the station. Reason for this is that we needed someone for nights. I suppose I shouldn't use the word "we" since I'm not the one making these types of decisions at the station. But, nevertheless, he was hired back. We're making some changes there at the station. Chase, who was at nights is now moving to mornings. When the ratings came out, he had a 9 share overall....which is unblievable really....just a great job all around for him. He beat the competition for the third book in a row and wanted mornings very bad, so his wish was granted. Me, I'm staying put in my afternoon time ratings were good as well. I had an 8 share overall, and I beat the competition also. I am, in one of these rare moments, very proud of myself. Anyway, this all was leading up to an open spot at night....and so, Andy was hired back. I'm happy for him, I really am. I just hope he doesn't let it get to him. He seems really worried about filling the shoes Chase left behind and holding onto those high ratings. The point of this job is to have fun. If you're having fun on the air with whatever you are doing, people will be able to hear that and in turn have just as much fun as you to him, all I say is enjoy the ride.

Recently, I met a woman who has been reading my journals. Wait a second....let me back up. I started postings my journals and other things as well on a website called Live Journal. For those interested, mine can be found here. Anyway, so I met this woman. She lives out in California, but seemed ginuinely impressed with my writings. I remember in one of my journals I had written that I wanted to get outside exposure to my writings, to see if complete strangers could read these things and get the same effect as close friends of mine have. It's worked, actually. And for some reason, I've taken her opinions on my writing to heart. I'm not exactly sure why. But when she tells me I should try this or look into that, I have a passion to want to do so. She wants me really to turn all of this into a screenplay, which I could actually see happening someday...not really sure when though. So much on my plate at the moment.

Not only are we getting a morning show at the station, but we're changing things around a little bit and it's all set to hit on one day. Nikki, the program director at the station, has asked me to make a commercial for the station, which again has kept me busy. I am also now scheduling music for the station as well. Not to mention that I'm on two stations as well so lately, even more so, this past week, has kept me very busy with on-location broadcasts and things like that. So, there's all of this and video games, and writing, and hell know's what ever else I am leaving out, but on top of all this, I met another woman.

Just before Valentine's Day, a woman called into the station to ask a question about a song. Her name was Theresa. I'm not exactly sure what kept me on the phone with her, but we talked a bit and then some more...and then so on and so forth. I'm glad I stayed on the phone with her that day though. She sent me her picture and then, to make it all almost a cliche, we met on Valentine's Day, or well...that night when she got off work, she came over to the house. Must have been about 1:30 or so in the morning. I think it was an immediate attraction from the beginning. For me, it felt great. I was getting affection from this woman who'd only known me a very little while and I dunno if it was due to not having affection in nearly a year or so, or what the deal was, but it was wonderful. We really didn't say much that first night. I read her a few things and we listened to some music, but nothing that really stood out or anything like that. I mean, I don't think anything was supposed to stand out that night. It was just us...ourselves, enjoying each other's company. We've seen each other since then on numerous occassions. In fact, she was just here today and we spent the afternoon together here at my house. An interesting note to all of this is a comment made by a friend of mine at the station, Becky. I've mentioned her before, and I think I shall mention her a great deal more here in the future as I have somethings I should say about her, but anyway....when she first met this new woman in my life, she had no prior knowledge of her. The next day, she came up to me in the station asking questions and that sort of thing about her.....all with a big grin on her face as she seemed so happy for me. I loved that. A few days later we were sitting in the studio together and she asked how it was going, and I said it was going fine between the two of us. She then said, "Well, she seems like a very nice lady and I'm just so glad to see you happy again." That stuck with me. I'm not exactly sure why...but it stuck. I think maybe Becky sees much more than she lets on. Course....she's right. It's good to be happy again, really.
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