AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

Dead Computers And Flying Birds

Well, turns out my computer is much more than sick, it's probably dead. About the only loss that will really come from that is my progress in Zuma as everything else that was important is either printed out or backed up on CD.

It also turns out that it's not a virus or anything, but a controller problem with the hard drive...or as it was explained to me...the circuit board on the bottom of the hard drive is faulty. The folks over at Western Digital are doing a good job with customer support. I reported the problem to them last night with an online form and it looks as though this morning they have already shipped me a new hard drive.

By the weekend I should have my personal PC at home back up and running. Till then, it's gonna have to be the computers at work that I'll have to deal with. Now, that isn't all bad, as the computer at home is nothing but a distraction most of the time. Hell, last night I sat down and watched a DVD I had bought like 2 months ago.

Winged Migration is not so much a film about birds as it is a moving portrait. It's like the most clear and beatiful painting you have ever seen, but it's moving. It's also technically amazing. The shots these people were able to get and how close they actually get to the birds is really stunning...and sure, I'll say it: breathtaking.

From the first moment you see how close you come to these birds not only in flight but just in their lives, watching them feed their young or protecting them, you will gasp...either with a "wow" or "look at that", but something to that effect will leave your lips within the first 10 minutes of this film.

Now this film isn't for everyone and in fact, it'll downright bore you if you are looking for a movie with more of a script and plot and whatever. But this is a documentary...and a beautiful one at that. So, if docu's aren't yer thing, then skip it or at least borrow/rent it if only to watch the first 10 minutes and see something you really have never seen before.
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