AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

Technical Difficulties

My puter is at the doctor for the time being. Gonna have to stay overnight perhaps.

I have no idea what happened to it. Well, we have some ideas but nothing really concrete till we look at it better and try to figure out what has actually gone wrong with it.

I had planned on starting on the next set of Seven Wonders tonight, but that will probably have to be put off till the PC is back and working right. If it's a virus, god knows where the hell it came from. However it could be a hardware problem. I'll know more later this afternoon probably.

Aside from the computer problems, last night was pretty nice. zisforzillah cooked for her boyfriend James, pookim21, barbequed_alien, his brother and my former housemate Lee, and myself. Wonderful dips and snacks and all around goodies. I TiVo'd the Super Bowl as well as about 3 hours beyond that so I could catch all of Survivor in case the game went over on time. Meanwhile, we all played video games. I played a lot of "Burnout 2"...what a fan-fucking-tastic ass clencher of a game that is. Then we moved on to Mario Kart, mainly playing in teams, which is the new thing for us and it works amazingly well.

After that it moved on to the Puzzle Fighter. I missed most of those and in fact never played a single game of it because that was the time we noticed my computer going a little nuts.

So yeah, that was our night. I watched the entire 4 hours of the Super Bowl in about an hour and half and then we watched Survivor. Hopefully, I'll have the PC back up and running by tonight and if not then tomorrow night. We'll see.
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