AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

Out Of The Frying Pan

I know some people blow off "Sex & The City" as some trendy show or some chick show or whatever. Hell, I did too at one point till I actually sat down and watched an episode. Now, especially after this week's past episode, I'm going to hate to see it go off the air.

This past week's episode dealt with many things. But mainly, for me, it delt with Cancer...and knowing someone who has it and how they deal.

By now you know my tale of it, and before seeing this episode, I thought I knew it as well. But that's the beauty of this show...or well, this one episode anyway. It delt with the cancer issue better than I have seen any other show deal with it. It dealt with one of the characters having to go through Chemo treatments and the inevitable hair loss situation that comes from said treatments. Now, this is all the norm for people with cancer and even just the idea of cancer, people will usually think of hair loss among whatever else may go through their mind after the whole "death" thing passes.

The thing is...what I am trying to that maybe this episode wasn't good because of what it delt with. Maybe it was good because I was able to finally understand and see what my mother went through during those early stages. That feeling of hope and just sort of shunning away all the bad thoughts...shunning away reality I guess. And the reality isn't that bad things are going to happen but that they could happen. And that you should prepare yourself for that. If you stay in a state of denile, and things do go badly, it's much harder to deal with it.

But back to the episode...they focused on her trying out wigs and it made me think of those moments my mom and her sister would go to the mall and look at the wigs. I would stay home or go to a baseball game or whatever I had to do and they would go shopping for hair. Thinking back on it, my mom never wanted me to go with her on those trips. But yeah, so anyway, this episode kinda gave me an idea of what those trips were like and how it must have felt for her.

This entry is rambling and I'm probably not making any sense whatsoever, but I just wanted to write about how that show made me feel, and how it sort of showed me a new light to something I never would have seen otherwise. It makes me miss my mother. It makes me proud of her. Her and her sister and even my father. It makes me want to go back to those times and see her again knowing what I know now.

If you had a chance to go back in time to a point in your life, retaining everything you know now, how far back would you go? What moment of your life would you want to revisit?
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