AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

All Seven And We Watch Them Fall

I've always been fascinated by the Seven Wonders of the World. Something that started when I was very young and has stuck with me like so many things from my childhood. I always wanted to see them but unfortunately the only wonder remaining from the Ancient World is the Great Pyramid at Giza. Which probably explains my facinations with ancient Egypt. However, there are other wonders to behold out there. Anyway, I was going to do a segment, maybe not everyday but often on each of the seven wonders. Thing is, there's 5 different ones to pick from. So, here's the thing - I'd like you to vote on which ones to do. Whatever comes in first I'll do first, and then second I'll do second and then so on and so forth.

Every post will include pictures and information on one of the seven wonders from whichever world is selected. All 35 wonders will be covered, eventually.

Poll #233605 The Seven Wonders Of The World

Which Seven Wonders Would You Be Interested In Knowing More About?

The Seven Wonders Of The Ancient World
The Seven Wonders Of The Modern World
The Seven Wonders Of The Natural World
The Seven Wonders Of The Animal World
The Seven Wonders Of The Medieval World
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