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At about 7:30 tonight, Ben came over. It's 2:40 in the morning now and 10 minutes ago...he just left.

These were good times. And no offense to anyone that Dave has hung out with over the time he's been here, but he's been missing out on some damn good times.

He's leaving on a pretty long while before we see him again. Then again, never thought I would see Ben move back here, so what the hell do I know, eh?

It started with Ben and I playing puzzle fighter. Then Dave and Stan playing. That evolved into 4-player Mario Kart.

For about 4 hours.

We then moved on to Halo. I think that did it. It was odd. We used to play Halo a whole helluva lot a whole helluva long time ago. I sucked at it really. I dunno why, but I was just never good in the multiplayer part of that game.

Tonight, I was kicking ass. The thing is, I shouldn't have been that good. I mean hell, that was the reason I held off on us playing it tonight, cause I knew I wasn't very good at it. We played 3 rounds. I came in 2nd during the first round, 1st during the second round, and 2nd during the third. That's like, unheard of for me.

Oh well, enough about me. Tonight was fun. I hadn't seen Dave much since he's been back, but tonight really reminded me why I was gonna miss him when he leaves again.

I've got more to write and say about a whole lot more going on right now, but it's almost 3am and I need some sleep.

Before I go though, I'd like to make one quick mention of a very wonderful person. She knows who she is.
I just wanted to say to you that it's a blessing everyday that I know you. Thanks for trusting me and believing in me. I won't let you down. I promise.

Goodnight all.
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