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Final Post Of 2003

Well, It looks as though I am going to be stuck in the studio on New Year's Eve. They are doing a broadcast out at some club and I have to run the board that night and catch their calls so I can air them. The shift is from 9 to Midnight.

Two things:

1. I may be able to get out of it all together or at least get out of there by 10:30 or 11.

2. It's just as well, since I didn't have any plans till after Midnight anyway.

We're planning on a nice long session of Mario Kart and whatever video games we think to play on into the wee hours of the morning. Now, yer plans may involve clubs and parties and whatever, but this is what we do. And this is what we love to do.

Dave's a fun guy. I'll miss that fucker when he's gone again.

Went out to dinner tonight with Dana, Kim, Ben, Stan, & Dave. Then we came back to my place and played more games. Trust me, if you do play games there is nothing I can say here to get across to you the fun of 4-player Mario Kart. Christ on a cupcake that shit is fun. Which I guess is why we plan on doing it tomorrow as well.

Now, I know I said I would post more pictures, so just click behind the cut and have a look see. Try not to be eating or anything as you may just gag, or even projectile vomit.

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