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Thank God It Wasn't Puppies

Been awhile since I have posted. I have these moments in waves it seems. Long period of time of just posting nearly every day and then long amounts of time of just nothing, maybe one or two a week. Oh well, guess it just all depends on what I want to say.

Saturday was a pretty busy day for a lot of us. Me, Dana (zisforzillah), Ben (barbequed_alien), and Kim (pookim21) went to the airport to pick up Dave (i_hate_it_here). He was coming back from a 7 month stint in the air force, hanging out on a base in California about 2 hours from L.A.

We met up with his parents just before he got off the plane. I'd met his dad before, but I got a chance to meet his mom this day. Nice parents, completely unlike mine, but then again, I don't live with them. I know my parents seemed to change a bit around my friends...sometimes. Eh, I'm not sure. Memories of them, well, the small ones don't seem to stick much anymore.

After we got to the parking lot, I gave Dave his christmas gift. Hope he liked it, he never really looked at it much in the car, but then again, he's been gone for 7 months. Pretty sure he wasn't interested in burying his head in a book the moment he gets back.

Dave decided to go with the rest of us to lunch that day and we went over to a local pizza place, Tomatino's (god grant a miracle if I spelled that right), and had a few pies. Afterwards, we walked next door to a little store full of crafts and what-nots. Well, one of these what-nots were kittens. The owner of the store kept them in the store and also let people adopt them.

Well, low and behold, Kim picks up this little kitten and the fucker falls right asleep in her arms. The one I was holding just wanted to gnaw on my thumb the entire time, which didn't bother me any. So Kim decides to adopt this kitten. Thing is, she can't just take it home right then and there. She has to come back later and actually talk to the owner and make the transaction then. Problem with this is that it gives Kim time to think on the matter and possibly change her mind. I know she didn't want to change her mind but time can do that for you. Specially when making a purchase like this.

Later that night, I meet up with Kim and Dana over at the Olive Garden. We hadn't all been together there to see Debi in a pretty long time. Probably about 4 weeks or so. Debi dyed the hell out of her hair. It looks all black to me, but I don't know shit about hair and color and stuff. It was good to see her again. She's leaving tomorrow to go home to her family in Jersey for the week. I was really happy to hear that as she hadn't gotten away in a long time. I skipped on asking about her daughter. We hadn't seen each other in weeks and I didn't want to test those waters just yet to see if she'd gotten custody or what was going on.

None of us were really very hungry that night, but I was thirsty as fuck, so I drank a bunch. Tried a lot of coffees and a few mixed drinks as well. Once we were done there we drove over to the pet store and got Kim her kitten. Lots of talk on the way over their about life and stuff, mainly about mine in recent weeks. Course, on the way back it was nothing but names. Names Names Names. We went through so many names for that little ball of fur. And we stuck to "P" names. She already had two cats named Pooki & this would be no different. That night we stuck with "Pandora", however as of this writing it has been changed to "Pennywise".

We drove over to a bookstore after we got the kitten. Dana had to meet up with James and we walked around the store for a bit. I bought Dana & James their christmas gifts. For James, it was a few books on ships and for Dana it was a book on the house of Edward Gorey.

Once the night was over, I drove Kim to my place so we could grab some pics of the new addition.

Some of those were dark as hell on the computer at work and you really couldn't see much of anything. But at home, I can see them all clear as day, so I think it has something to do with monitors. Anyway, that's the reason I posted all of them instead of just the bright ones.
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