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More From The Trailer Park

Man On Fire: Not bad. For a minute there I thought I had already seen the film when it was called "Stir Of Echos" or "The Sixth Sense", but then it kinda went into a different direction and held my interest. I'll wait to see more.

The Big Bounce: Eh. I dunno. The trailer seems to give away too much, but the thing about this type of film is that people will go just to enjoy it. They aren't looking for a big plot twist, just a nice killer of about 2 hours, maybe less. Not a bad cast, either. But to be honest, I'll probably skip it.

The Cooler: Man, William H. Macy just seems to draw me into any film he does. He's got this thing that just makes me want to go see him act.

50 First Dates: I cannot stand Adam Sandler. His comedies from "Big Daddy" to now just annoy me. I have actually given up on him and while the premise of this looks good, although stolen from a little film from Dana Carvey back in the day, I will still probably skip this, just cause of him.

Torque: I have said really bad things about this film without ever seeing any footage. All I had to go on was the one-sheet poster and the little tag line of "From the makers of.." bullshit. I like when films give me warnings like that. It really lets me know what I am in for. And yeah, from looking at the trailer, I can see that, but........god forgive me, I enjoyed the fucking trailer. Give it a look see.

Club Dread: I liked "Super Troopers". Not a whole lot like some people I know, but I liked it. It never had a wide release, but because it did so well on video and dvd, it seems their next flick will make it to the main theaters and get the push they need. I'll go see this to kill an afternoon, but I'm not expecting much.

The Dreamers: I dunno. The jury is still out on this one. Foriegn film, but it seems to work. Again, I'm not quite sure. It has promise though.

The Passion Of The Christ: Go watch this. Go watch this. Go watch this. Go watch this. Go watch this. Go watch this.

The Chronicles Of Riddick: Remember "Pitch Black"? This is the sequel...or prequel. I can't remember. So yeah, it looks decent enough. I'm not a big fan of Vin, however. His best work was doing the voice of the title character in "The Iron Giant" and his short little role in "Saving Private Ryan". I remember seeing him on an episode of "48 Hours" a long time ago and they were following him and a few others who'd made films that were being shown over at Sundance. I don't think his won, but after all this, I'd like to see whatever film it was he directed, wrote, and acted in.

Sky Captain & The World Of Tomorrow: Holy Shit. Just holy shit. The look of this film just impressed the hell out of me. It's like an old Max Fleischer "Superman" cartoon...or ten thousand other things I could reference it from in just the look of everything. Word is, all the actors filmed all their scenes in front of a blue screen. Plus, you get to see Angelina Jolie look like a pirate.
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