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The Trailer Park

I'm still pretty sick, but gradually recovering. There is this weird thing one can do when they are sick...something about going to bed before midnight...dude, it fucking helps a whole lot.

Anyway, on to the meat and berries of this post. It's pure drivel and contains no information about my life per-say, and while predictable, it's still my journal and I, like most, just write whatever we please.

The following are direct links to trailers, so I hope you have quicktime installed. Let's get started:

Mindhunters: I just got done watching it and it looks somewhat interesting. I'd kill an afternoon to go see it.

Hellboy: Man, this looks great. Loved the comic and it seems to keep the feel of the book, can only tell so much from a trailer, but's just enough to know.

Troy: This is exactly what a teaser trailer should look like. Not too much info, but enough to make you want more. And holy christ at the ships.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: Another good teaser here and the music is done well also. Never read a single book in the series, but just the inclusion of Gary Oldman and what seems like a dark side to the stories makes me want to see this.

Monster: I nearly shat myself when I saw the trailer for this. I had forgotten they were making a movie about the life of serial killer Aileen Wuornos. Charleze Theron looks fucking amazing. Well, I mean, she looks like hell, but they way they made her look like's just freaky. Definitely one I am looking forward to.

Taking Lives: This doesn't look too bad. Like Mindhunters above, it's one I am not overly enthusiastic on seeing, but a good waste of an afternoon I suppose.

Garfield: Wanna see a good concept go bad? Should'a just made it a full length animated film...even all cgi might have done the trick, but this just looks like shit.

Peter Pan: Normally I wouldn't have given this any mention. Cept, the more I see the trailer and hear about the film itself, the more interested I become. Just to see if someone can get this story right. Now, when you click the link you'll be given an option of Trailer 1 or Trailer 2. Watch'em both, I don't care, however, please take note of the music used in the beginning of Trailer 2. It's from a video game, Myst 3: Exile. The fact that someone in their department knew this music even existed let alone decided to use it in the freaking trailer gets them a lot of respect from me and probably will get my time in the theater to check this out.

Elephant: Just watch the trailer.

The Fog Of War: This is getting limited release this week. What I wouldn't give to live in LA or NY to see this film. I dunno, but to me, it looks very, very interesting and one I am willing to see if it ever gets a wide release.

In America: I was bored one day and decided to give this trailer a try. Started off a little slow for me and just overall, I wasn't interested. Then, in the course of the few minutes this trailer plays, I suddenly became drawn in by this film and those two sisters and their father. Suddenly, in a matter of moments, I wanted to know their story. Again, if this ever gets wide release, I'll be sure to see it.

Resident Evil: Apocalypse: Eh, why not?

Shrek 2: Oh come know you liked the first one, just watch this and enjoy.

The Polar Express: Trust me when I say this - Tom Hanks, as you've never seen him before.

Spider-Man 2: You knew I wouldn't leave this one out. Again, like Troy, this is what a teaser trailer should be. Then again, this could have been just a bunch of crap-ass-images of what-the-hell-ever and had the title at the end and I would have been happy.
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