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Well, went over to my local Best Buy and picked up a few items. And in no particular order, here they are:

I liked this film. I mean, yeah, it's a leave-yer-brain-at-the-door type of flick, but it's also Michael Bay...a director with whom I am extremely influenced by. And one of the reasons I ever wanted to become a director. I won't pass up his films...most of them anyway. This film is watchable if only for one reason....the car chase scene. Fucking stellar as I remember there not being any computer work done for the scene.

Man, Dave (i_hate_it_here) loves him some Carpenter and even more so some Snake Pliskin. This was partly bought in his honor, and also cause I think it's a pretty good film as well...however, the sequel sucked some big ol' ass.

Oh boy, this one has some classic episodes on it. Although they are all pretty classic, this one has "The Girl In Gold Boots"...and "Overdrawn At The Memory Bank". The latter of the two is perhaps the worst film I have ever had the pleasure of seeing and thank god I saw it here. Watching it and trying to imagine those actors taking themselves seriously at the time of filming just makes me wonder about some people and some executives about what they should be putting their money into. Then again, it's no "Manos: The Hands Of Fate".

I have no idea what to expect here. I only know from the awards this show has won. I also have some clue from Sorkin's previous effort, "SportsNight"...which was a damn good show and one I miss.

It was like $14 and that's more than enough to pay for some good John Ritter 70's slap stick.

I bought seasons 1 through 4, you think I am gonna skip on 5? Hell no. This was the first televison series I started collecting on DVD and it was a hell of a show to start with. This marks the half way point in the run of the show...5 more seasons and it'll be complete.
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