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Anyone Miss Me?

I haven't updated a lot here lately, and with good reason I suppose. There's just really been nothing worth mentioning in this journal.

Then of course, this weekend rolls along. This weekend I was set to get a new computer desk in my room here. And man was it ever needed.

This is how it used to look in here:

Then, we emptied out the room of the old shit and brought in the new...complete with executive leather chair:

As you can probably see, I also got a new second monitor. My old one wouldn't fit on the new desk the way I wanted it to, so I just went and got one of them there new fangled LCD flat screens.

Oh yeah, and I also finally put up all my little figures:

That's an Edward Scissorhands snow globe thingy. Then there is Raziel of Legacy Of Kain fame before Kain ripped off his wings and threw him into the abyss....back when he was a soldier for Kain. Next is Spawn from the recent series of figures based on comic book covers.

Next on the bottom shelf we have another Spawn from the recent series, followed by Venom of Spider-Man comics fame, and on the top shelf is another of Raziel after he was thrown into the abyss by Kain.

On the top shelf we have Alice and the Cheshire Cat from American McGee's Alice computer game. Next to her we have Master Chief from the Halo video game (Noticing a trend yet). On the bottom shelf is yet another version of Raziel. This is more of an action pose...this is what he does when he devours the souls of the dead. In his head you can see the soul reaver in it's spirit form (Kain wields the physical form of it...speaking of which, I need Kain to finish my collection). Next to him is The Heartless from the Kingdom Hearts video game.

More pictures of this weekend and tonight were taken, but done so with a friends camera. He didn't have the usb cable so I could upload them so he'll be emailing them to me later in the week.
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