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Here & There

Man, with a place called There, there's tons of ways to use the name all clever like.

How's that working out for you?


Being clever.

So anyway, some have shown interest in it, and I noticed that if someone who is already a member gives you a reference, you get bumped up in the waiting list. So, if you'd like me to give you a reference and would like to join the world of "There", just comment with your email addy and you'll get a link to the place to sign up and get bumped up on the waiting list.

It took me a few weeks to get accepted to the place so hopefully this means it would only take you a week or less, I suppose. I don't really know how fast they are letting people in and it could be based on gender as well, I dunno.

Now, it's not all great. Money is involved. You can pay a monthly fee of 5 bucks, or 50 for a year. You get about 15 days free, but then you are asked to sign up and become a member. I took the year plan. Then, and this is really a turn off, it cost money to dress up your avatar. Now, the exchange of US dollars and ThereBucks is really 1200TB (therebucks) to One US dollar. But still, my leather pants cost me about 4000TB. My other complaint is options on your avatar. There are a lot, but not many if yer a guy who has long hair. Oddly enough, Noah (dirtnap13) has better options on hair than I do. If yer female, however, yer golden. There's so much shit for women to wear in that place. Outfits out the ass. There is also voice that sounds really clear online. So, if you have a mic and live...say in California or hell, even New Jersey...we could talk in There just as we would on the phone. We could ride buggy's or hoverboards. This morning around 3am, it was pretty empty, so I just went exploring. Found myself at the Mt. Everest of "There"...highest peak on the island, it was pretty nice. You can also buy houses in There. You can hold a job, but I dunno how that works yet. There really is a ton to do in There.

Anyway, like I said, if you want a reference, just comment with your email addy.
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