AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

Sick Of Me(n)

I wanna write something right now. About me, and love, and pain, and women, and men, and everything rushing in my mind.

But I'm too sick inside to do so. To ashamed of myself. Asking why or what isn't going to get you anywhere. Maybe later I can explain, but not right now. I just want this to remind me to write about it.

I sometimes wish I could rip off this skin and become something else. A fish maybe, a horse. No.

A Bird.

At this point Charlie comes over and calms me a bit. Resting his head on my thigh, suggesting ever so slightly that he would like attention right now. After granting his wishes, I feel a little better. Not cured, no. But enough that I may can go to sleep.

Thanks Charlie.

I love you.
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