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Atrox & Halloween

Alright folks, a shitload, assfull, filled to the rim post of pics here, so be patient. An amazing 51 to be exact, course, I dunno if I'll post every single one of them, but oh well, let's get going.

For shits and giggles, I should suddenly forget how to use the lj cut feature.

So, this first groups of pictures are from our second trip to Atrox. I'll do the intro's as we go along.

That's Ben riding shotgun. Kim had the camera at the time. That would be condoms in the black pouch on the sun visor, my cell phone hanging from the mirror and as you can see, it's a nice 76 degrees outside.

That's either a snarl or Ben's look of love. Not too sure.

Nope, no...this is Ben's look of love. You'll notice the nice BIGASS crack in my windshield. Hey, it came with the car when I got it from my father.

That's Kim's brother Brian...or BJ. The chick doing the hair flip thing there is, uh..some chick he brought along.

Another shot of BJ doing...something, hell if I know. I'm the one driving. I didn't have time to play around like the other kids. See, there's my hair in the shot.

Kim's brother again doing......I dunno.

What would be funny right now is to tell you that her eye is always looking that way. It's a stuck eye, a lazy never moves. But, that would be wrong to do.

This was just funny to us.

This is Kim with lockjaw. Or passing a stone. Or taking a very large shit. Or giving birth. Or getting anal. Take yer pick.

Lockjaw again. But for Kim...lockjaw rocks!!!

The sign out front for Atrox. Duh!

Big wall inside the place where you could sign your name and stuff.

She got scared and did the whole Scooby-jump-to-Shaggy bit. Cept it's Kim and BJ.

A cemetary scene in the holding area.

You know, they could have actually had someone lay down and have an outline drawn, but they didn't...and if they did, then that guy was really out of proportion.

Brian and LazyEye - her Indian name.

I know that looks like crap and all, like this place was just thrown together, but the lighting is really dark in the place so it helps that you can't see anything very well.

Pretty crowded that night.

Ben and Kim at the cemetary.

We had our fortune's told there. Five bucks to find out that I had a long lifeline.

An Industrial Plant not far from the factory.

The cage. This is where they hold you just before you enter the attraction....

Course, we had these chips that got us in whenever we wanted. Hell, we didn't even have to wait in line.

Mike and Kelly. Great couple there. Love them the fuck out of some Halloween, lemmie tell ya.

Alright, so, that ends the Atrox experience. Next we move on to Halloween night. There's a little pool hall down the street from where we all live and decided to go there for Halloween.

Ben (barbequed_alien) & Kim (pookim21) over at my place while we finished watching that weeks episode of Survivor (Go Rupert!).

Nevermind the name, it was the people we were there for. By the way, everything you see in that picture, save the big beer bottle, was all decorated by Mike, his wife Kelly, and the owner of the bar.

More of Mike's decorating.

Fuckin' furries. It's coming right for us!!!

The line to the ladie's room. Man, that must really suck.

Ben & Kim...this time with her wings.

Ben really liked that wig on her. Not that he didn't like her without it, but it was like he was cheating on Kim....with Kim.

Mike and Kelly. Like I said, they love Halloween.

Mike built this. The never ending tunnel. Seriously, the guy goes all out.

Again, Mike built this. He'd originally had all of this for his house when he made his own home a haunted attraction with all the profits going to charity. That's actually how I met the two of them. They contacted our station to advertise for it and well, I've very glad they did.

More of Mike and Kim. Oh hey look...cleavage.

The two people on the left look like they are really into some bloody torture.

Pretty good crowd they had that night.

Kelly in the costume contest. By the way, that girl in the back wasn't just a nun...she went as a pregnant nun.

More decorations.

In case you forgot: Mike built this.

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