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Nah, I'm not really bitching I guess, but I have a sty in my left eye. Sucks ass, but it isn't that bothersome except for when I wake up and usually when I get tired.

I'm probably going to see Matrix Revolutions tonight. So I have that to look forward to.

Oh, and ladies...and maybe Frank, I have a hair question. I'm thinking of getting mine cut. I like it long, as it is now, but it's annoying as hell sometimes. The main reason is I want it back the way it was in some of my icons, specifically the one I am useing for this post. My hair was straight back then, but now, whenever it dries, it's nothing but curls and shit. I hate that. Anything I can do to make it straight or should I just go for the cut?

Man, ya know if that's my biggest dilemma going on right now, then I'm pretty sure things are going rather good for me, eh?

Something I haven't mentioned at all is that barbequed_alien's brother Lee has moved in with me. He moved in back in late September. He called me a few weeks before telling me his situation and that he needed a place to stay for a few weeks and being the doormat that my mother always said I was, I let him move in. That sounds harsh, but it really wasn't like that. I was somewhat concerned since Kelly had just left and here was someone else about to be living with me. It had felt good, that month just being by myself and I was unsure if having someone back in the house was the right idea, course, by now I had already told him he could stay. I'm just not that mean I guess as to turn a friend away when they need a place to stay. Now it's been a month and I'm not really getting annoyed by it, but I do want to be by myself again. He's gotten a job, and from what I hear from his brother, he is looking for a place of his own. I really would like him out by the holidays. We get along and everything's cool, but I miss my solitude. He's not paying rent, or well, he's not paying any bills with me, and that isn't his fault, it's mine. If yer staying "a few weeks" there's no point in charging rent or anything, but when weeks stretch into months, that changes things.

So anyway, that's about it. I've got pics from our second trip to Atrox and from Halloween that I'll be posting soon. Probably not tonight what with the movie newsletter that I'll work on when I get home then going to the movie later tonight, doubt I'll have time. But soon. I promise.
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