AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

November is....

Video Game Month or

Nov. 11

Not sure that I can convey the amount of jizz built up to be released when this arrives. These games are my passion and I love them dearly.

Nov. 17

Please be better than the N64 version. A lot of people say it is better, and I am hanging on to their words with a lot of hope for truth. It looks great, but no one can judge a game till the controller or mouse/keyboard is in their hands and playing the game. So with this release, I am quite nervous of them just fucking it up a second time.

Nov. 18

This isn't a sequel or continuation of anything already out there. It's new, and while it's a FPS, it's also cell shaded, which is new to combine those two things. Now it isn't cell shaded just because it can be, but becuase it is supposed to be as if you are playing a comic book. I know it sounds odd but check out amazon and look at their screenshots...might help a bit and I have no expectations on this game. So I'm kinda stuck with the hope that it just doesn't plain suck and can entertain me till the 21st.

Nov. 21

Good franchise here, cept for a few spots here and there. It is very promising, especially coming from UbiSoft Montreal who have, this year, already produced some great games for the Xbox (Splinter Cell, XII, & Rainbow Six 3). I'm on the fence though if I should get this for the PC or the Xbox. Either way, I'm not too worried about this game.

Nov. 21

Big day in November here. The LoK series is a great one. And it's great because of the gameplay and more so because of the story. Their story has constantly been deep and involving. Spanning decades and centuries. Time travel, murder, deception,'s all in there. Very deserving of the word "Legacy" in it's title.
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