AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

Boredom Induced

I'm in a pissy mood.

But in a fun way.

Should be interesting to see how this day plays out with this mood.

I had trouble getting to sleep last night. And then the dreams I had after falling asleep we're pretty interesting. I dreamed that something was going on, like an election or something. Anyway, I followed police up these stairs to one of those walkways that connects two buildings together. Apparently my house is in this other building. Some of the rooms aren't familiar but then I will see through a doorway a familiar looking room, like my bedroom or den or whatever. So yeah, apparently my mother is already dead as I had no concern for her and apparently no one else did either. My father had been murdered, or well, in some type of altercation with this other guy who had died as well. So, who the hell knows really. I never got that far in the dream. I think there may have been one of the guys from "Law & Order"...Lenny I think. But I can't be sure. Odd thing was, I didn't care shit about any of this. From the moment I walked into the building it was nothing but pinball machines. All over the place, just waiting to be played. Even some I had never heard of before. And my biggest worry was that I was going to be kicked out of the house since two people had died in it. So I asked Lenny, I guess, and he said I didn't have to leave. So I stayed and then woke up.

Moving on. Last night before going to bed, I was looking around a website and found a few clips I'd like to share with you.

This first one is not really work safe. In fact, none of these are work safe since they all have porn ads on the site. The clip itself isn't porn, however.

It takes me back to the days when a bunch of us would huddle around the computer downloading clips trying to shock ourselves into a coma. We never found that one clip that would cause us to projectile vomit on the spot, but we did have a lot of laughs at other's expense. And we learned some things why seat belts should be on school buses.

I said we never found that one clip that ever really got to us, cept for maybe the occasional snuff fake or guy getting hit by a car while carrying a pizza, but one night me and barbequed_alien found this clip that fucked us up for a while. It's like a flower opening up or something. But it's not a's...just gross.

Anyway, enjoy.
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