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Number One In Tha Hood, G

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Monday, March 28th, 2005
If you ever wanted to hear my voice and learn a bit about what I do at work after I get off the air, then go here.

Let the site load and then audio should play. What you will hear is my voice, processed like hell with fx added. All of which I did in our production studio.

EDIT: I'll just add that I know this might come off as a bit "show-off" like, but honestly, when you put work into something and someone thinks that work is good enough to let anyone who visits their site hear it, I get a bit proud. They used my spot last year as well, and I was proud then - because it isn't a given that they will, they use the best one from around the area since about 4 are done per event, and mine was chosen last year for their site as well as this year. So yeah, again...a bit proud.

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