AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

Rule Of Thumb

Back in the day, the measure of a good game wasn't the graphics or gameplay or whatever, I mean they had something to do with it, but to really know you were loving a video game was by the blisters on your thumbs. Course, back then, controllers looked like this:

Well, it still holds true that the measure of a good game is how much you play it and the blisters you get on your thumb afterwards. However, now...controllers look like this:

More buttons and triggers and whatever. So, no longer are the blisters limited to just your thumbs. Blisters, even calluses are formed on the thumbs and fingers now.

If yer looking to experience this, just try playing SSX 3.

I've been playing this game since the first was released on the PS2 as a launch title. That was back in the fall/winter of 2000. Then, just about 2 years ago, in the fall/winter of 2001 SSX Tricky was released. That's a gem in the series so far, with the jumps, tricks, music...all of it. Then with this third installment, they just beefed up everything in Tricky. The jumps, my god the fucking jumps are huge. And it's a lot more difficult this time. Not as easy as the first two games in the series. I'm on the second race of Peak 2. I have yet to fully complete Peak 1, but I did enough to actually progress to the next peak. In fact, you can start at the top of Peak 3 and go all the way down the moutain. It may take you 30 minutes, but you can do it.

This should hold me over till Mario Kart: Double Dash comes out in November.
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