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I guess it'd been since 1999 or maybe before that I had been to Six Flags. After our little jaunt to Birmingham to Sloss Furnace, we stopped by my aunt's place and the idea came up of going to Six Flags for my birthday. I could easily get free tickets from the station and figured it would be a good thing to do for the day. Otherwise, I would have stayed home doing nothing. And while the trip made the day go by pretty fast, it felt productive, besides, I'll have other birthdays to lay around the house with.

I tried like hell to get us a limo or nice van to carry us to Atlanta so we could all enjoy the ride together, but no such luck. Dana, James, Kim, Ben's brother Lee, Mike, Kelly, and myself all left for Atlanta on Saturday morning around 8 or so. Kim and Lee rode with Mike and Kelly while Dana and James rode with me.

Traffic sucks. I know there are people on my friends list who deal with a shitload worse traffic than what we went through Saturday in Atlanta, but Saturday morning in Atlanta should not have been that way. We finally got to the park at 1 eastern time. The park was packed, but we had no idea how packed it really was...not yet anyway.

While walking to the front gate, I had an extra ticket that I was looking to give to someone. While Kim, Dana, and Kelly waited in line for the lady's room, I noticed a girl in line also who seemed kinda retarded. Her eyes were kinda fucked up and going in different directions. While I know that doesn't make someone retarded, I was pretty sure something was wrong with her, but what the hell, she's just as worthy of the ticket as anyone else. I tried to give it to her but she seemed to be a little shy. That whole don't talk to strangers thing was coming in handy, I guess. And coming from a guy with a pony tail, ripped jeans, and black wristbands probably wasn't a safe bet in that mind of hers. Someone who I can only guess was her grandmother, hell..maybe her aunt, took the ticket from me. Come to think of it, she may have just been an old woman taking advantage of this girl and not even have known her. Anyway, old lady to the ticket and looked at it. Making sure, I suppose, that it was legit. She ran off, leaving little shy girl all alone in the line, and gave it to some guy...probably the girl's father...who was waiting in line to buy tickets. She came back and I asked if she was going to use it and she said that the guy had it now. Maybe it's wrong of me to wait for a "thank you", but I did...for a little while, then I walked off when I saw that it would never come. Pissed me off. Makes me pissed at people in general. I'm sure I could have given it to damn near anyone else in that park and gotten a thank you and probably come away with a friend out of the deal, but nope. I pick the lucky ones, don't I? Fuck you, grandma..and yer stupid visor hat and old-lady-who's-still-with-it attitude. After all that, we entered the park.

Most of these, well, hell...all of these pictures are stolen if only to provide reference to what I am talking about. If you want them all and to give credit where it's due...go here.

Like I said, it was crowded as hell. 27,000 people were in the park that day. Normally they deal with 10 to 15,000. Yeah, we picked a hell of a day.

The remainder of this post will jsut be shots of the coasters. Alot of info on them can be found at the page I mentioned above. Worth checking out if you want background and other insights.

We had problems in and out all day long. Mainly with the 2 hour line times. That just sucked ass. We finally bought one of those Lo-Q pager things that holds yer place in line. For whatever reason, we didn't use it legitimately with the exception of one ride, but yet we were able to easily get on rides with little to no waiting after that. We had exit passes that let us get on rides by going through the exit, but hell, they hardly checked on those so it was pretty nice.

The savior of the entire day....who else? Superman. I dunno what my fascination is with that character but boys wet dream walking into Metropolis Park where the ride was.

While walking up to the ride, Dana pointed out something on the ground and while I didn't notice it at first, I took a few steps back and suddenly saw that Supe's shield was fucking huge. It was layed out on the asphalt in front of the entrance to the ride. Big as ever fucking life. I nearly creamed myself right there.

This ride contains the world's first pretzel loop inversion and that fucker really pushes you against the back of the car. This was the smoothest ride in the park. Very quiet as well...and just beautiful all the way through. You board it just like any other coaster, then the floor drops from under you and the cars raise so that your back is against the track. The pics speak for themselves to be honest and there's a whole buttload more at that site. As well as pictures of almost every big ride there at Six Flags.

Anyway, it's late and I thought writing this would help with my headache, but it isn't. I'm just going to go to bed and when I get in the pictures that we, ourselves, took at the park, I'll post them.
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