AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

Might As Well Skip Town

Cause if they lose, you won't have a friend where you live...least not for a few years probably.

Chicago fans...well, they love their baseball and they love their Cubs. But right now, they don't love fact, I'm not so sure how much you love yourself at this point.

But listen, there's still hope. If they go on to win and get into the World Series, you should be fine. If not...well, think of it as tribal counsel or eviction night in the Big Brother house....have yer bags packed and ready to leave.

I went to a few communities on LJ just to see what people had to say and it wasn't really looking good for the guy.

This is a good example of what I am talking about. Course, that's kind of harsh, but I'd imagine it's on the mind of a lot of people in Chicago and around the country who are Cubs fans. One of those everyone's-thinking-it, I'm-just-saying-it situations.

Now, this incident happened a few years back for the Yankees I think it was, but this is different. (Note: I just checked and I was partly right. It was the Yankees/Orioles playoff game and the incident was actually good for the Yanks as the Umpire ruled it a home run for Jeter, whereas most Oriole fans saw it as a possible out had the fan not reached over the wall for the ball...different situation that what happened at Wrigley) These are Chicago Cubs fans...this shit is in their blood hardcore man. People get buried with their Cubs hat on. Serious shit.

Like I said...serious shit.
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