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Lots To Cover

Well, well, well....where to start?

This jumps, so try and keep up.

Let's get some news out of the way first in the hopes you'll stay and read more.

This is great news. The main parts of that link are this: Peter Gabriel is going to be providing music for the upcoming game in the Myst series - Uru: Ages Beyond Myst.

I shouldn't have to tell you how much I love those series of games. It's pretty well documented.

I went to the local fair here tonight with Dana & James. It was an okay time. We went for the food and games really. Although I didn't eat as much as I thought I would. I did win Dana a big ass pink flamingo by throwing a basketball into the hoop. Took me 8 trys to do it, but I won.

Everything is all set for the 18th. The same group that went to Sloss last weekend are going again next weekend to Six Flags for their Fright Fest.

Speaking of....I may be going to the Atrox Factory this weekend, I dunno yet.

Their website
is pretty well done for a place around here. I mean, it makes it look really damn good. On the first main page of the site is a link to some guy that reviews local Haunted Houses around the area here in Alabama. Seems we picked a shit place in Sloss last weekend and that Atrox is the shit.

If I go there this weekend, and having gone to Sloss the weekend before and Six Flags the weekend after, that'll leave one weekend open to go to another attraction, filling all my weekends in this month with scary goodness.....something I have never done before.

For some reason or another, I feel like I should be doing all of this not only with my friends here, but alo with you and you......and you too, of course.
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