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Fright Night

Well, I suppose a decent update is in order, eh?

Here goes.

The whole fuckin' lot of us went north to Birmingham this weekend up to that place posted a picture of in my last post.

That is Sloss Furnace. Apparently, it's haunted.

Now, when I say the whole fuckin' lot of us went...I mean the whole fuckin' lot of us. It was me, Mike and his wife, Kelly. Dana and her boy James (who has not LJ...yet), along with Kim & Ben.

We went up there, walked around the place, had a pretty good time. The production on some parts of it was borderline stunning. There's a 3-D clown maze which really must be seen to be believed at how well the 3-D effect actually comes off. The vertigo tunnels were equally amazing.

Other than that, the whole place was just really interesting to see and I'd like to go back to it and look around during the day just to get a better picture of what I walked through. They were showing horror films while you waited in line and we caught the last two bits of "Creepshow 2". After everything was said and done with our walk through, there were these 3 girls who were putting on a show underneath the overpass that involved fire breathing/eating. So that was kinda cool. Nothing to write home about.

So, at this point it's maybe 9:30 at night and I can't go to Birmingham without visiting my aunt so we stopped by her place. We'd only meant to do so for a few minutes, but we didn't end up leaving there till about 1 in the morning or so.

Dana and James got to meet my Aunt, Uncle, and Grandmother, as well as sign the basement wall. The basement is where we spent most of our time. I'd asked my Uncle if he had anything sweet to drink and we tried this stuff called "Hpnotiq". Very blue, and very good.

Well, they have a pool table in their basement along with a cocktail Pac-Man table as well. So, we played games. A lot. Dana and James signed the wall, and then we left for home.

All in all, a pretty good time was had. I'm thinking that maybe for my birthday, we may all go out to Six Flags for their annual Halloween Fright Fest.
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