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I'm not much for the music we play at the station I work at, but this new Eve 6 song is really getting in my head. Good stuff.

Watched the Emmy's last night. Wasn't that entertaining to me, and I say that mostly because the people and shows that I wanted to win and felt should win did not. Save for maybe the Amazing Race.

Since CBS had not signed on for a 5th season of Amazing Race, it was good to see them win this award, and it probably helps them a ton with signing for a few more seasons. Survivor is signed till 2006 or 7, the same as Big Brother...but the heads at the network have yet to make a decision on the Amazing Race....about the only clue they have given us is the fact that they are taking applications for a 5th season. With that, and this Emmy win last night, I'm sure they will be signing very soon.

The best actor category was tough. Honestly, any of those people could have come away with the win and I couldn't complain too much...except for one person, and that's the guy who won. James Gandolfini won for Sopranos. That is all well and good, except he's won a number of times before in the past, as far as I know, so honestly, he didn't deserve it. Not as much as Peter Krause, or Michael Chiklis, or even Kiefer Sutherland. Like I said, tough category, but oh well.

Now, if you saw this past season of Sopranos you'd have to agree that giving the Emmy to Edie Falco was the right choice. Her performance in just the last 2 episodes of the season alone warranted her the win.

Everybody Loves Raymond can suck my ass. As can the West Wing. Fortunately, for most of the winners, it's their last season. As for West Wing, Sorkin left that show and he was the only reason it was ever any good. Actors mean shit without writing.

Anyway, that's my rant for the day. Thanks for your time.
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