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Old Habits

At 3:45 am, Sunday morning on September 14....for the first time in almost 10 years, I picked up a pencil and drew a line on a sketch pad with the intent of drawing.

The last thing I ever drew was a reproduction of the cover to Spawn #8. That picture, now framed and laying on the bed in my room, often considered by myself to be the best thing I have ever image that, when completed, took 7 days working at 3 hours a night.

Fear kept me from drawing since then. Excuses of not finding the right image and fear...plain fear that I could never do better than that. But it isn't there anymore. There's no more fear...because there's not a want anymore to out do myself.

I've drawn two images of Spawn, two of Savage Dragon, one Venom, one Spider-Man, one Wolverine, one Cyclops, and one Superman. There could be more, but I'm just going on memory at the moment. Well, there is more actually. There's a whole book of Nintendo characters I've drawn, a few Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as well. Tons now that I think about it. The one I am working on now is another Spider-Man.

I've been reading a few trades of Spider-Man, ever since I finished "The Da Vinci Code". He was the first character I ever drew...the first comic I ever read. There's a bond there that you make...I think, whenever you choose your first comic. I think it was by chance since I bought a grab bag of them while visiting my grandmother for a week. A Spider-Man title just happened to be on the top of the pack. Hooked ever since. I think I was 10 back then. Shit I can't remember.

I've missed it. I used to lay on the floor in the main room, right in front of the TV. I'd put a small pillow under my chest, open up the pad, lay out the image I wanted to reproduce in front of me, and make exact copies....well, not exact. My copies were much larger than the original.

It feels good to draw feels really good.
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