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More Annoying Than Painful

In fact, it hardly hurts at all. I noticed about a week ago that the right side of my jaw was kinda stiff. Thought maybe, due to stress or something, that I needed to relax my jaw. I noticed I was keeping it rather stiff, so I relaxed, slept on it and the next day it was better, but still stiff. And in the mornings and at night it's at its worst. I think maybe during the day I don't have problems since I am talking a lot and that kinda helps. I dunno.

Thing is, I can't close the jaw on the right side. I mean, I can feel my back teeth touching on the left side, but when I try to do it on the right's tough. It hurts and I have to really strain to get that part closed. Only today has it actually started to worry me. All my wisdom teeth have been removed and that was done when I was like 14 or something. So, it shouldn't really have anything to do with them. Oh well, it's 3:30 and I'm gonna go to bed. I'll look more into it during the week.

But while I am here...anyone got any thoughts on what it might be?
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