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This Old House

Well, most of what follows has taken two months to complete. Around the first of July or so, the shower wouldn't drain. It was real bad. Finally got a plumber out to look at it and then, around the middle of the month, they began work.

First, they had to jackhammer through the tile and the foundation of the house to reach the pipe. The pipe itself had to be replaced.

Finally, they replaced the old pipe.

Well, after that was done, I had to find a tile company to come and replace the shower pan and tiles and what not. That took about 3 weeks or so, we're about in the middle of August now.

When they came, they had to drill out the old tile and everything else. It was a fucking mess. These aren't before and after shots here. I just ran my finger over it to show how dusty it actually got in there.

Anyway, once they drilled all of that out, they found rotten wood...and that had to be replaced.

Once they had that replaced, the put in the shower pan and then had to wait another 24 hours.

They came back and then put in the concrete and again...waited 24 hours.

Well, today they finished the job and put in the tile...I probably won't use the thing till next week just to be safe.

Oh, by the way, I keep mentioning that I would have pictures of the new computer....well, here they are.

Trust me, folks...big improvement over what I had.

Duel Monitors....two of'em!! You will never know how convenient this is to have. If you can ever do it....go for it. Man...time saver out the ass.

Oh yeah, all this stuff I kept talking about buying on Ebay...well, this is it. Those are maquette's. Basically, it's a porcelain statue created for artist's to get accurate drawings for the animated show. One guy does the main drawing, they will then make the statue from that drawing to give to other animators so it all looks the same. They vary in price, with Supes up there going near the $150 range.

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