AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

Second day in a row, I have been up and awake before 7:30. The people working on repairing the shower get here very early. It also doesn't help that the shower is located in the bathroom that is connected to the bedroom I am currently sleeping in.

But it is Friday and I have Monday off so I'm actually not bothered at all. I'll be sleeping late all weekend long.

Would anyone like company this weekend?

It's been nice having my aunt here for most of the week. She came down early Wednesday morning so someone could be here while these people worked on the shower. While she was here though she cooked and we cleaned some. She's leaving today and while I appreciate what she's done and all...I'm glad I will have the place back to my self again. I plan on doing more cleaning this weekend and getting things back, somewhat to the way they were. I'd like to go back sleeping in my room again, but I'm really on the fence about it. I've someone altered the plans I have for the empty room now. I'm going to try and transform it into more of what my aunt's basement looks like...well, minus the entertainment center as I already have one of those big enough for two rooms...and minus the pool table cause I actually have no room for one in any room of the house. But, I'd still like to put in the bar and have some arcade games going with pinball and stuff. I thought about buying a couch and stuff to make that room more like a traditional room where people can sit and stuff, but really, there's no reason for it. It may scream that this man lives alone, but what else would it scream...I mean, I do live alone and I'd like to do so the way I want. Anyway, for now, the room remains empty.

The shower guys are starting to make a lot of noise and it's really getting on my nerves...I think I am going to get dressed and go on into work.
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