AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

Temptations of Future Past

And I threw in the last one cause Dana & Kelly seem to both dig it pretty well.

And for all of us local Dave fans...sad news:

Psykoboy2: how long are you gonna be in CA for?

HERO1979: not sure, scheduled for 5 weeks, but if classes don't fill up or something else it could be 2-3 months.

Psykoboy2: will you ever be coming back home?

HERO1979: gonna see if i can come home for recruiter's assistance after tech school, but that is only for like 10-12 days though

Psykoboy2: so basically, we're not really gonna be seeing you but every once in a while, then eh?

HERO1979: HA!
HERO1979: if ever
HERO1979: just playing it by ear, know what i mean
HERO1979: one thing at a time
HERO1979: first it was basic, now it's tech school
HERO1979: one thing at a time, one day at a time
HERO1979: I have to go now though, tell everyone hello for me
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