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You Sometimes Get More Than What You Give

So, I just got done downloading 10 new songs from VAST.

By the way, check out their website. Just browse a little bit, the music playing with those pictures can actually be breath taking. Something that is rarely achieved from a band's website. Much less any other site.

So, yeah, 3 bucks and I get 10 songs...hell, fine with me. And they are good. This is also a band, like U2, that even if I could get it free or download it on Kazaa or whatever, I would still go out and buy the album just to show my support for good product. Hell, I paid for this place and not cause I wanted faster servers or more icons. I did it cause when a company/person/whatever offers a quality product for free and only ask that you, of your own free will, give them some money,'s worth it for a reason. The best way I can think of saying, "Thank you", ya know?

Then again, since the guy behind VAST has AIM and yahoo, I can just thank him in an IM. But oh well.

Here it is, 3:30 and I don't see myself going to bed before sun up. Oh well, such is the life of a nightowl...I'll kill time with television, books, and video games.
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