AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

I bought my airline ticket...or well, obtained it anyway.

It really cost me nothing actually as I had bought one many many months ago and bought it cheap. I actually got money back since I wasn't going as far as I had first planned. All in all, it cost me $0.50 for parking, or as the man who took my money said, "That'll be fitty cent, sir."

So, while in town, I couldn't pass up taking another trip to the gun show. They had one this weekend, and I was gonna skip on it, but I couldn't help myself. I now wish I had gone Saturday though cause one of the guys there told me he sold a chrome plated Desert Eagle to someone. I'm looking for another one to go with my "fitty" calibur I bought a few months back. They had a nice black 44 calibur Desert Eagle, but the closer I looked at it, the worse shape it seemed to be in. So, I held off...besides, I want a "fitty" one to go with my "fitty".

So, no guns bought this round, but there is always next month. Here's what I did pick up though:

Yep, that's the sword from "Blade"

And here's where I show off my geekness...
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