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Agent Smith's My Daddy!!

Amazing. Spectacular. Holy Fucking Shit. Jesus Mary Christ on a Stick.

It's Tits. It's titty fucking. It's the most amazing sex you've ever had on a jet diving towards Earth while it's on fire, sirens blaring, lights flashing. It's a blaze of glory. It's stimulation of the clit so much that you become limp with passion. It's ejaculation that never stops. Just one long stream of cum that jets out so fast and hard you could use it to stop criminals like a superhero......only in that oh so overused effect called "Bullet Time".

But even overused as it's been since the first looks brand fucking new in The Matrix Reloaded.

This is going to be a shock to your system. You haven't seen action scenes like this since the first film and even then you still haven't seen them this good. You haven't seen car chases like this ever in your life. You haven't seen a camera move like this ever in film. You haven't gotten a sense of how fast "fast" can be untill you see that fucker fly (this gives me hope that if they ever get around to making another Superman film.....he's going to fly like Superman should).

"It's like wiping your ass with silk."

In about 10 hours or so, I'll be going to the theater again to see the film. Honestly, if I didn't have to do a live broadcast at this theater to promote this film, I wouldn't see it. I have things to do. A house to clean, a dog to take care of, and people to talk to. I have a weekend to prepare for.

Speaking of which, I'll be seeing it again sometime this weekend.
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