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To kill time, I went by a local comic shop in town. Remind me never to go some place where I can spend money in order to kill time.

This is a new Batman story called "Hush". I have yet to read it and I have no clue what the plot is, but it should be rather good. It's written by Jeph Loeb who has written numerous Batman titles and storyline, along with Superman, Daredevil, and even Spider-Man. Another writer who I trust. Someone whom it doesn't matter what he has written, it's safe to say I am going to enjoy reading his work.

That just looked did this:

I also picked up Powers.

I should have gotten the first in the series, but like a dumbass, I just jumped in. Oh well. This storyline about Retro Girl is supposed to be damn good. I wish Dave was still here to back me up on all of this. Powers is a detective type book. A guy who investigates the deaths of superheros and stuff. Never read any of it before, so it should prove refreshing.

If it doesn't, well then this should:

Remember Snow White? Yeah, she's here. Little Red Riding Hood? She's here too. In much different rolls. Now, I wasn't explained to well on the premise of the story, but when I get to reading it, I'll let you know.

I'm also a little skeptical on this book as well:

The way it was explained to me was this: "It's X-Men meets Sliders"

I have no idea how to interpret that, but oh well...the dude at the shop was pretty damn ga-ga over it so I'm giving it a shot. It's written by Judd from one of the Real Worlds...number 675 or something, I dunno.

From unknown writers to well known award winning writers comes this next batch of books. All that follow were written by a man named J. Michael Straczynski.

He's the creator of Babylon 5, Rising Stars, Midnight Nation, I could go on and on with this. The guy's got his plate full, trust me.

He's currently the writer for Spider-Man or well, The Amazing Spider-Man line of books. I picked up 3 trades that compiles his work so far.

It'll be good to get back into the character that got me into comics in the first place. I drool over Superman and Batman, but there this familiarity I get from Spider-Man. This feeling of home. Comfort, safety...whatever. Perhaps it's nostalgia. I grew up with Spidey. Old friends who've been away for awhile and meeting again for the first time in a long time. It'll be good to see you again, Pete.

I have no idea what the hell this book is about. It's been highly recommended. And of course, the writer is a sure fire bet to be a damn good read, so I picked it up.

This is Straczynski's brain child. He'd probably written comics before, but I'd never heard of the man till this. It's the second volume in the series. The first just fucking blew me away with the storyline and writing. I mean, superheros get stale. The well established are just that....they are there, have been there. But making up new ones, with new powers, ya wonder how different they can be. This guy makes it look easy. If I could tell you one thing, it'd be to pick up the first volume in this series or at least the first me.
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