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I went to a few book stores last night after dinner at the Olive Garden.

This is the third book in the series, which is good, because I just finished this book two nights ago:

It was okay. A simple story. Nothing mind-bending. Just a bunch of noir.

Speaking of which, I almost picked up this:

Seemed very interesting and something I will probably return for later on. While I was at this particular book store, I checked out the new Playboy. Someone had opened the packaging. This month's cover is of Sarah from "Joe Millionare", the one who was in all those foot fetish videos or whatever. I never found her very attractive during the run of the show, but then they go and put her on the cover of Playboy. The cover was better than the pictures inside. I've been trying to find the image online (a decent one, anyway), but I haven't been able to. But damn...really nice cover. I also bought a video game magazine for the Xbox. Some world exclusive article on Halo 2. Haven't read it yet.

After that, it was on to the second store where I picked this up:

This is the first volume of the sequel to "Earth X". The storyline here basically follows the fact that in the world of Mavel, everyone has superpowers...some type or another. And I do mean everyone. The entire population. Which makes the known heros to us (Captain America, Spider-Man, Hulk..etc.) pretty much out of a job. So it takes that premise and goes with it.

I have never read any of the Green Arrow nor the Green Lantern series. I only know what I know from reading other series and watching television. All I can tell you on this is that Kevin Smith wrote it. And his work on Daredevil was great, so it's worth a shot.

I also picked up a magazine while I was there.

This isn't the cover of mine, but it gives you an idea. The cover of mine has this russian babe on it. Well, I doubt she's Russian, but she's wearing some uniform. Babes in uniform....Mmmmm.

While I was there, I saw other books that I really want to eventually go back and possibly pick up.

Man, I love that image for some reason. The book may be for shit, I dunno, but that image is just really great. Batman can't do a thing against Wonder Woman. I mean, yeah, he beat the shit out of Superman, but that was Supes own fault for giving him Kryptonite, just in case Supes ever went nuts or whatever. But Wonder Woman, she's damn near got all the powers of Superman.......Batman can't do shit.

Okay, I put too much thought into that. Sorry.

So, I then saw this photography book and the pictures inside were amazing to me. I've always found pregnant women to be extraordinarily beautiful for whatever reason. Maybe because I can see nature taking course, I dunno.

Very, very interesting pictures inside that book.

I've done research on prime numbers, and a lot on mathematics in general really. Especially when you study astronomy, and theoretical physics and stuff like that. Math comes in handy. But this book just seemed to peak my interest. I mean, it was sitting by 11 other books on prime numbers, but this one stuck out to me. I may go back and get it when I am done with all of these comics.

Ugh...I won't even go into this. My affection for mythology is really up there though. If I go back for any book, this will be the first one. Comic book superheros are mythology of today, or so they have been described. Probably another reason I am drawn to them...that and the storylines are great.

Oh yeah, this woman is coming into the studio on Wednesday:

Some of the guys at work are a little ga-ga over this, but I've seen her when she wasn't attractive, and I still don't find her attractive now. Something about those eyes.
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