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The Story Continues....

You probably don't understand (and may never will) my appreciation for a certain computer game. My love for a certain game. And I do mean love. It really is only a game, but since it's beginning, it has become more to me. Something I can't really put into words. I appreciate all aspects of this game, from it's creation and how it is made to the very small details.

It's Zen. When played, I try to immerse myself into the game. Become what it wants me to become, which is part of it's world. The lights turn off. The surround sound turned up. You are not a play as yourself. But you play in a world created for you. It's an amazing experience, and not everyone likes it....I understand. I just feel like they are missing out on so very much.

Again though, you'll probably just look at me and tell me it's only a game. And that's fine. This is just me being a dork/geek/nerd, what have you. But I don't care. It's me being myself.

The game is Myst. It was followed with a sequel, Riven. There was even a third chapter added called Exile.

And now......there's a fourth story to be told and explored. Uru.
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