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You'd think with all that went on this weekend, I'd have written about it by now.

But I haven't.

It isn't really raining hard yet. And not enough to hear the rain hit the bushes outside my window..even with it open. But it is thundering. It's just really silent in my room, and every now and then, some thunder will be heard. It's quite nice. As if this impending doom is just off in the distance, making it's way towards me. And that calms me for some reason.

I might not be writing much in this journal anymore. I don't know. I say that now and probably don't mean it...but it could happen.

I wonder how many people would keep me around on their friends list if I just up and abandonded the place for awhile. Then I think that may be a selfish thought...but I am curious. Not that it matters.

I have to work saturday at the strip club. I'm going to be very nervous about that. I'll be running two stages that night and's going to be interesting to say the least. At least the girls and staff there have confidence in me...that helps. I hope I have some visitors that night...Dave, Dana, Kim...whoever wants to stop by. Having familiar people there helps me to relax. So your attendance would be very welcome and appreciated.

And with nothing left to say or do. I end my night with well wishes to you on a pleasant tomorrow.
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