AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

It's only been a few days and I already feel I haven't written anything in weeks.

First things first....Star.

I've spoken with her on the phone a few times since I last wrote. Her spirits last night seemed very high considering her condition and her condition isn't that great.

She was not fired. She also seems to think that 2 months she'll be back at the club. Her face is almost covered in stitches. Think of the woman from "A Nightmare Before Christmas" and yer pretty close. Those stitches will be removed sometime tomorrow and the doctors will then see if they need to do more surgery on her face.

The entire front side of her body down to her feet is covered red with road rash. She is in constant pain, although the meds help.

For a while, she's probably going to be bald. The blood in her hair they cannot get out, so they are going to cut it off. And there's a lot of blood dried up in her hair. She doesn't really want anyone to see her like this, and I understand.

Surprisingly, she wasn't drunk. Well, legally she was, but not enough to think she shouldn't be behind the wheel. She was buzzing, I'm sure. She was just driving way too fast on a two lane road, saw an on coming car, thought she was too far over in the other lane and made corrections to adjust that....what happens next she does not remember.

The club is her only source of income. She's staying with a guy she has been seeing for a while. She will probably lose her house. She has no health insurance, no car insurance.

The road she is about to walk down is a hill....and it's straight up.

Help is offered, but rarely is help ever taken, financially, anyway.

Now, on to other matters:

My body has become adjusted to going to bed at about 3:30 in the morning and waking at 10 and going to work. My body has also adjusted to one big meal a day as well. Not that I wanted it to, but it's just happened. I haven't had time to go to the store and the cupboard is bare.

At the club, I've apparently won everyone over. At least the important people. Most of the dancers are fine with me as well...some, I haven't worked with enough to get a reading of what they may think. And some...I could just care less.

The bosses and management are happy with me and that's really all that counts. Not to mention the brownie points I am earning with the free tickets to events I am providing some of them. Yes, folks, this nose is brown....but I don't smell a thing.

Some of the bouncers were talking to me the other night about how this could become very long term for me. They could increase my days working there and even the payout at the end of the night from the bar. I'm keeping reality in check though and just taking it as it comes...not expecting anything from anyone.

---I want to thank tresluxe and switchanmorata for fulfilling a rather odd text message request that they both accomplished as best they could given the requirments I asked for.

---Tonight, I have to go back to the club for a quick minute or so and then I am going to pookim21's parents house for a quick game of pool.

---Later on tonight, I am fulfilling another request as well. She knows what it is.

---Last night, I got home a little later than I wanted, about 8:30 or so. Came online for a bit. At about 9:30, I sat down and played the new Legend Of Zelda game....(long pause)....till 3-fuckin-AM. The game opened up. I mean, before it was walking around on islands talking to people, and looking for things, but last just exploded with things to do and much, much more action. And this isn't me gloating, by any means. But to some, I don't think they understand or have even seen just how big the TV is that I here:

Charlie get's so excited when I play Zelda...

Hmm...I think he wants to be the new centerfold in PlayBitch magazine.
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