AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

I wish I could save messages on my home phone for longer than 5 damn days, but oh well.

I wish I was a little bit taller.

This new game I bought has got me wishing for a lot of things. Like importing your own music for it.

To describe this game is rather hard, but I'll give you the run down I've given everyone else.

The songs in this game are the levels. It's a little like Dance Dance Revolution, cept....not gay.

Each song is a different level and the songs are broken up into each element used in the song, i.e. drums, bass, guitar, vocals, synth, fx...blah blah blah...

Each of these elements are layed out on the playing field like lanes of a highway.

You pilot this little ship over these lanes.

As you fly over them, little capsules sometimes pass by underneath...well, they always pass by, as these are the notes of the song. You shoot them to release the note and it plays. Do this for a whole bar and it will then play for a while by itself and you can move on to the next lane working on another part of the song.

Pretty soon, the entire song is playing. The cool thing about this is how differently mixes can come about. You literally could play the entire song without vocals...or the bass line, or the beat. But, you start missing notes, and yer energy bar will get low. We all know what happens in games when yer energy gets low.

The game is made by Sony, so there is no way in hell we'll ever see this game on Xbox, and that sucks since there is a ton they could do with it. But with Sony also having a large library of music rights and it's ties to the music industry's probably for the best that they made the game.

I just want a way to import your favorite songs into the game and play with them.
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