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Where to begin with this, ya know?

Part of me wants to use every "dirty word" I can come up with and write every violent thought that comes to mind.

But I'm not going to do that. Some of you are going to be reading this and wondering where it's coming from and what sparked it. If this is you, then yer probably not on my friend's list.

But this statement goes to all who pass by here. Most of you don't give two shits about what you see here if yer just passing through...

I'll write what I want here. I'll post what I want here. I'll post pics of whatever I want here. I'll say what I want here. This is my release. This is me, away from the world, but giving them a view if they want to look. And if they don't like what they see...they can move on and stop looking.

If this seems like it's common knowledge...well it is. But common knowledge isn't so common for everyone in the world or everyone in the place I live in anyway.

And I'm not really angry...just...well, yeah, I am angry.

I mean, my boss is okay with it and would never think of telling me something that I can't do outside of work, and that's cool. And I don't want to attack this person either as it should probably just be left alone, but it's just one of those things that gets under yer skin a little, ya know?

And others have told me I should use caution what with my job and all, but to me....that's changing. Changing myself because of something else. And I don't want to do that. I will change on my own terms and not on someone else's.

He let me read the letter. Felt it was only fair and it was. He sees no harm in this either. It's my private life after all. I don't mention on the air of this place....ever. Nor will I ever do such a thing.

I won't change because of this. And when I heard yesterday morning through the grapevine that this had happened, I was prepared to walk in and quit my job if need be, because I wasn't going to change myself about this. I can understand if I did something wrong, but I haven't.

I am 2 different people. I am the person the rest of the world hears on the air, and I am the person the rest of the world sees when I am off the air. One is fake...and one is real.

You're reading the real thing.

It was just the way it came off. Contradicting himself...saying one thing and then a few lines later...saying something that completely went against his argument, or whatever.

He was nice about it, don't get me wrong. I am very respectful of someone who can present a complaint and be very civil about it, as he was.

It just upsets me to think that someone else thinks I should change because of my job. Let his son listen to me on the air, cause hell knows there's worse in some of the pop songs today then anything I write on here. Should he monitor his son's viewing on the internet....yes, he should. If he cares that much he should monitor his children on everything they do and get involved with.

The fact that I am having to write about this is change. I never wanted to address this issue, because it was one I never thought would need addressing.

So Sir, if you or someone you know is reading this....I appreciate your concern over the matter, but I am afraid I cannot change myself outside of my job. While on the clock, I am completely different....and off the clock...I am who I am and I will not change that. I didn't say that I cannot change it...but that I will not change it. Ever. For anyone.
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