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Bathtub of Aloe

I had a remote today in my home town at a bank. Inside the bank was boring, plus, it was more fun outside with the music (I wasn't doing this for the top 40 station, but the classic rock one).

Apparently, it's now summer...or well, this is the first day of spring anyway, isn't it? Anyway, I only say that cause my face and arms ARE ON FUCKING FIRE right now. Yeah, I got a tan...or well, I got skin cancer probably. Ugh...this shit is gonna hurt like hell come morning.

So...some people have been concerned with my previous post about the *sigh* and the depression part of it.

Number 1 - I get depressed. A lot. Most of you know that.

And B - Don't let it concern you too much. It almost always never had anything to do with anyone on here.

It's usually just life in general as it was yesterday.

My new boss has decided to keep me in the afternoon timeslot from 2pm - 6pm. That's all well and good, but I am pretty sure this will keep me from getting a job at the club. They want me there at 4:30, but with this schedule, I wouldn't be able to make it there till 6:30 or so. Oh well, I suppose.
Things happen for a reason and all that good shit.

*20 minutes later*

Fuck my face is on fire.

Went out last night with the crew...but different this time. Normally, every friday night, pookim21, i_hate_it_here, and zisforzillah along with her boytoy James will go out to eat dinner at the Olive Garden. Now, we only go for one see our friend Debi who works there. She served us the first time we went and we will not accept anyone else but her when we go. So, we've all been going for the past 3 months every friday night. I don't think pookim21 and I have ever missed a night...well, I know I haven't anyway.

But last night, we took Debi out to dinner at the place that zisforzillah is waitressing at. Plus, Debi brought her little girl. She's 4 years old, and I will now attempt to spell her name - Phaedra...but I think that is wrong. Very beautiful little girl. Took to me and i_hate_it_here very quickly. Before I went over there, I grabbed some tix here at the station from one of the sales people for the Disney On Ice show that plays in about 2 weeks here. Debi was very grateful for the tix, cause her little girl was really pushing to go see the show. We had a lot of fun...and may I say that Debi is 100x more attractive than that shit uniform they throw her in at work. And funny as fuck too.

Course, just as we left we found out about the bombings. Not that it killed the night, but a mood seemed to change there.

I took my weapons with me and showed them off to Debi...and some people here at work earlier in the day as well. Most just thow me off as being fucked up. One girl even said that it just proved more and more why she thinks I am Satan. Course, one girl whom I will not mention cause I know she is reading this, looked as though she was having an orgasm just holding the knife. Strange look on her face that I have never seen before. As though someone had shoved a light sabre up her rectum. *winkwink*

I'm going back to the club tonight and let them know of my guess is they will tell me no on the job and I'll be home early. But the people there have taking a liking to me it seems and may work around it. I don't yet know. Even though I have yet to be hired by them, I feel as though I let them down anyway.

barbequed_alien is moving in with me in a little less than a month. Never had a house mate before. This should be interesting, but he stayed with me before when he would visit, so I see it going well. He'll be spending most of his time over at pookim21's place doing god knows what to her.

She's gonna kill me for saying that.

Oh yeah...had some fucked up dreams again last night. No cocks or severed heads, but i_hate_it_here was in this one and I caught him in my parents bed with some girl. Not naked or anything, but they were doing some "heavy petting" I guess you could call it. I shouldn't be having dreams about other people "doing things" in my home...much less telling other people about them, but man...fucked up. There were other people in this dream whom I haven't seen in a while. Odd thing of those people I saw today at the remote I did. Strange things are afoot at the Circle K.
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