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Even More Pictures

I DO NOT do shit on a Sunday. I never fucking leave my house, unless of course I am off on Monday. And that wasn't the case this Sunday, but I did leave my house.

Spontaneity is an interesting thing. It was around 10:30 when Kim called me. She had originally planned not going out that night either, and it was surprising to find out that she had gone to Metro for Paradox. I don't think Dave knows how persuasive he can be.

So Kim calls...tells me she's out at Paradox and so is someone else. I ask who..and come to find out...Star is there. Well, we'll call her Star for the time's one of her names anyway. Star is a dancer at the club I will soon be working at (if all goes well), and the only woman at that club who has befriended Kim, Dave, and myself.

From what Kim tells me, I'm really wanted out there that night. Not just by Star, but Dana, James, Dave, and Kim herself. Once I was off the phone with her, I was still pretty set on staying at home, but the more I thought about it...the more it ate at me that I wasn't there among the very few friends I have here.

I finished my bowl of fruit, changed clothes, and headed out for the night...and none of them expected it.

I grabbed my camera on the way out intent to get pictures of my friends out somewhere else besides my own home.

That's Dana (zisforzillah) and her boytoy James. I walked up behind them, said "hey" and as they turned I snapped the picture. Hence the look on James' face...least, I think that's surprise. And Dana's eye is perfectly normal...just looks weird in the pic.

Next up was Kimberly (pookim21). In this shot, she is either showing us her Fire Marshall Bill impression or...that she has no bottom teeth. Actually, it was just the surprise of seeing me there.

This be Dave (i_hate_it_here). He's about to join the military and is working hard on not smiling for ANYTHING. That or he's just concerned with keeping his crotch nice and cold with his drink. Either way, he'd be smiling later on.

And I took a picture of the momentous occasion. Actually, he was just staring at someone's tits and Kimberly was nice enough to direct his attention elsewhere.

James....just waiting for his honey to come down from the dj booth.

Seems he got tired of waiting. Cute couple...aren't they?

Meanwhile...back on the dancefloor.

This is Star. She doesn't have an LJ yet, but maybe we can work on her getting one. She did not want her picture taken so all I could do was snap shots when she wasn't expecting it. Here, for instance, as she was attempting the tried and true "pull-my-finger" gag on Dave. He didn't fall for it though.....but he pulled it anyway.

This picture actually hurts my eyes to look at. Like those old "Mossimo" t-shirts that looked blurry. I hated those shirts. I tried my best to fix it with my photo program...but no such luck.

Meanwhile...back on the dancefloor. "Heeeyyyy Everybody!"

I don't know why, and maybe I'll ask her, but Star brought her father with her to Paradox. Nice man....we sat at their table and just for kicks...I shot this picture.

Yeth, thoths are thum very nice ladiths. Although, the Ladiths Man ith not quite thure why that one blonde ith holdin' up her middle finger. Perhapth it ith a signal for thum thweet thexthy lovin'. It muth mean thumthin' good, cauth the ith thmilin' at the ladiths man. Yeah, thaths right.'s a Dave sandwhich....and the fucker still doesn't smile. He really wants in the military, and I'm telling you...they do not want you to smile at all. Dave's gonna have no problem getting in.

She didn't want me posting this pic, but I modified it a bit and hopefully to her liking. Although, if she asks me to remove it, then I will. But for now...enjoy what doesn't belong to you. *grin*
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